Hi friends, in this post i am going to post one of my favourite and “BEST IITJEE PREPARATION BOOKS” physics book. It is very popular among teachers and JEE aspirants, and this popular book is known as” RESNICK HALLIDAY & WALKER”. Guys i am posting a beautifully written 10th edition of this book.

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To answer this, i would like to share my personal experience with this book. I am that kind of person who didn’t believe in the theory and text written until i see any photo proof related to it. In this book, in every theory part and topic you will see a wide variety of photos related to that particular topic and the speciality is that most of the photos are COLOURED.
Yes, you read it right, the photos mostly are in colour. And the language in the content text is so easy, as i have seen most students says that the foreign author’s book are tough to understand. But this book is totally written is such way that we can read it easily and it’s coloured pictures develops interest in studing that topic.


That’s why it is so popular among students. 
But you have devotee a lot of time in studying it’s theory although it is easy but still it is explain in a little bit deeply so more the time you study it, more your topics will become strong and you will have a better grip on the chapters. Also a lot of solved and unsolved examples and questions are given which are very good and sufficient to practice. This book has covered all the topics of 11th, 12th classes as well as more information is also given in this book. This book is all-rounder if you study it properly. That’s the reason this is one of my favourite book.

Now, What Is Physics?
According to this book, Science and engineering are based on measurements and comparisons. Thus, we
need rules about how things are measured and compared, and we need experiments to establish the units for those measurements and comparisons. One purpose of physics (and engineering) is to design and conduct those experiments.
For example, physicists strive to develop clocks of extreme accuracy so that any
time or time interval can be precisely determined and compared. You may wonder whether such accuracy is actually needed or worth the effort. Here is one example of the worth: Without clocks of extreme accuracy, the Global Positioning System (GPS) that is now vital to worldwide navigation would be useless.

Links Between Homework Problems and Learning Objectives In WileyPLUS, every question and problem at the end of the chapter is linked to a learning objective, to answer the questions, “Why we should work on this problem? What we are supposed to learn from it?” By being explicit about a problem’s purpose, we must believe that a student might better transfer the learning objective to
other problems with a different wording but the same key idea. Such transference would help defeat the common trouble that a student learns to work a particular problem, but cannot then apply its key
idea to a problem in a different setting.
The students have continued to be challenged by several key chapters and by
spots in several other chapters and so, in this edition, it has been redesigned the chapters on Gauss’ law and electric potential, which have proved to be tough going for most of the students. The presentations are now smoother and more direct to the key points.

In the quantum chapters, it has been expanded the coverage of the Schrödinger equation, including reflection of matter waves from a step potential. And also the Bohr atom from the Schrödinger solution for the hydrogen atom so that the historical account of Bohr’s work can be bypassed. Also, there is now a module on Planck’s blackbody radiation. New Sample Problems and Homework Questions and Problems Sixteen new sample problems have been added to the chapters, written so as to spotlight some of the difficult areas for many students.Also about 250 problems and 50 questions have been added to the homework sections of the chapters. Some of these problems come from earlier editions of the book.

Much of physics is the study of things that move and video can often provide a
better representation than a static photo or figure. Online guidance Rather is a dynamic learning center stocked with many different learning aids, including just in time problem-solving tutorials, embedded reading quizzes to encourage reading, animatedfigures, hundreds of sample problems, loads of simulations and demonstrations, and over a lot of videos
ranging from math reviews to mini-lectures to examples. For this 10th edition of this book, answers of the exercise problem can be found on net and a hint is provided in the book too. It will be helpful to you.

So guys that’s all in this post. If you have any query related to this book or want to suggest to post a book, please email me or comment in the comment box. I will surely try to do my best to resolve your query. Till then keep practicing regularly and lead yourself towards excellence and success. And remember the aim-IITJEE.

* You can purchase this book from here, and it has very good ratings by JEE aspirants:-



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